Halo 5 Screenshots

Halo 5 Screenshots

Hold your horses, at the moment there are no available Halo 5 screenshots, but as soon as we get a hold of the game, we will be posting the halo 5 screenshots here in halo-5.net for sure. While waiting for the franchise, you can still enjoy the latest Halo game which just came out last fall, the Halo 4.

For 11 years, this multi-billion dollar science fiction video game, Halo, has evolved so much from the first franchise up to the latest. You may check the Halo trailers we have compiled in one article to see the difference of Halo then, and Halo now. Previously developed by Bungie and currently managed by 343 Industries, the Halo franchise is owned by Microsoft Studios and runs on Xbox 360 platform.

Check out the screenshots from Halo : Combat Evolved to Halo 4.

Halo : Combat Evolved

The game started when the Pillar of Autumn exited slipspace close to a round shaped space station named “Halo” by the Covenant, which is the main enemy of the game. A fleet of Covenant attacks and greatly damaged the Pillar of Autumn. A split-screen mode allows 2 players to play co-operatively through the campaign.

Halo 5 Screenshots (1) Halo 5 Screenshots (2) Halo 5 Screenshots (3) Halo 5 Screenshots

Halo 2

On Halo 2, players can use both alien and human weaponry, including vehicles to go through each game level. In campaign mode, players are given options for single-player and co-operative multiplayer. Halo 2 introduces an automated “playlist system to keep a steady game flow at all times, and a skill-ranking system. It also introduces a new paradigm for matching players together.

Halo 5 Screenshots Halo 5 Screenshots Halo 5 Screenshots Halo 5 Screenshots

Halo 3

The weapons, and other objects of the game were adjusted to adhere the “Golden Triangle  of Halo” which are: grenades, weapons, and melee attacks, that are available to the player in all situations. Halo 3 also introduces “Support Weapons” which are heavy two-handed weapons that slows the player down, but increases great firepower in return. Game mode variations include: Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.

Halo 5 Screenshots Halo 5 Screenshots Halo 5 Screenshots Halo 5 Screenshots

Halo 4

In the multiplayer mode of Halo 4, players can advance their multiplayer career from:

  • War Games – is a competitive multiplayer matchmaking mode.  It has 4 split-screen support and can be played up to 16  multiplayers through Xbox Live.
  • Forge – a map editing tool featured previously in Halo 3. It also has split-screen and Xbox Live Support. This tool enables players to edit the defaulted multiplayer maps by modifying spawn points, items and weapons.
  • Spartan Ops – an episodic mode that can be played by a single player or multiplayer through Xbox Live.
  • Theater – allows players to capture screenshots, create video clips, and view films.

Halo 5 Screenshots (13) Halo 5 Screenshots (14) Halo 5 Screenshots (15) Halo 5 Screenshots (16)

They can also customize their own Spartan-IV super-soldier. Players can improve ranks by experience from multiplayer matches and completing challenges. The items for customized vision are unlocked by completing challenges and getting higher ranks.

Halo 5

With Cortana dead do you think Halo 5 will the loss of the villain since the beginning would make the game better? Or is Cortana too big of a character to be just easily swept away? Will she be back on Halo 6?

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